French Tutor – Eloise Le Bout

Our French students have been lucky to be enjoying some extra tutoring by Eloise Le Bout our French tutor. We took some time with Eloise to ask her a few questions about her background and her experiences at Sancta Maria College.

Where did you grow up and what is your favourite childhood memory?
All my family is from Brittany, but I actually grew up in Bordeaux, in the South West of France, the city of wine. I really enjoyed living there, it’s such a beautiful city.

My favourite childhood memory is when I went ice skating with my dad. We had a lot of fun together.

When did you start to travel?
I started to travel when I was about 20, but the first time I thought about it was many years prior. Though I was scared, the moment I started travelling, I found it really really freeing.

What are your favourite countries/cities you have visited and why?
My favourite country is New Zealand, I fell in love with this country for the landscapes, the people, the lifestyle… I just love it!

Another country I really enjoyed visiting was Thailand, I loved how different it is from anything I am used to in Europe.

What do you enjoy about New Zealand?
I particularly love the landscapes, their untouched natural beauty. I haven’t seen it all of course but I am itching to go on my next adventure to discover another new place, maybe in the South Island next time.

How has your experience of Sancta Maria College been?
It has been very positive. I really enjoy teaching the students, and I have a feeling that they are also enjoying practicing their French with me. The students are lovely and motivated. It’s a pleasure to teach them alongside the main teachers.

I have found my colleagues to be very welcoming and accommodating.

What have the students been learning with you in Term 1?
Year 13 have been engaging with environmental issues, and they have experienced a bit of the French culture while studying Charles Aznavour (one of my favourite artists!). We have explored colours, present and past tenses with the juniors, as well as introduction sentences such as “je m’appelle…”, “j’ai 12 ans”, “mon anniversaire c’est le… “. Their language skills are very impressive.