International News

Whilst we said a farewell to a number of our international students at the end of term 1, we have two additional students join the Sancta Maria College whānau.

  • Lily Zhou is from China and joined us at the end of term 1 (in Year 12) to complete her education (see her picture to the right).
  • Cynthia is also from China and joined us for term 2 and is experiencing Sancta Maria College as a short-term opportunity, to experience New Zealand life at a high school.

Both are enjoying being hosted by families recommend by the school.

Hosting international students – we are looking for short term host families for term 3 – we are searching for families that would like a paid opportunity to host a visiting student for 2 or 4 weeks from 16 July 2023.  The students are coming from China and are mixed ages, from Year 9 onwards.  Please contact if you would like to host an international student or click this link for more information.