Kaitiaki Corner

Jermaine Declan, a member of the Kaitiaki Club (previously Enviro Team), pictured on the left, has recently signed up for Laudato Si Animators course.  Laudato Si Animators is a movement where 1.3 billion Catholics set out together to save God’s Creation, initiated by Pope Francis.

This same movement is initiating an online course, starting on 19 April (with resources being released on 10 April), where we can become animators and join this movement. This programme will consist of online webinars and activities where we can see, judge, and act on how we treat God’s Creation.  This is a must-join course for those who are wanting to learn more about our environment and learn about how we can save/preserve God’s Creation. It is suitable for students and adults. Click the following link to find out more https://laudatosianimators.org/

Our Kaitiaki Club is a group of students and teachers passionate about our environment and being more sustainable in our living.  We meet Day 9 at 1.30pm in CG6 and partake in a Laudato Si Circle facilitated by Mr Bidwell to deepen our relationship with God as Creator and all members of creation the first Wednesday of the month.

During March, Sancta Maria College signed up a team to take part in the annual ‘Moth Pod’ competition.

The moth plant is spreading quickly, killing our native plants. You can help your local community get on top of controlling this pest plant by picking moth pods and destroying the vines.  If you would like to support the students by collecting moth pods, they can add to their total! Please put in bags and leave by the Technology staffroom – CG7 by 28 April. The Kaitiaki Club will then photograph and destroy.

Pods should only be removed if there is another person present – for safety reasons. Only attempt to remove pods that can easily be reached from standing at ground level. Gloves, a long-sleeved shirt and eye protection should be worn while removing and/or handling any pods as the sap can be an irritant. Care should be taken to ensure the sap does not come in contact with skin and/or eyes. Protect your clothes – sap can ruin them! The pods must not be eaten as they are poisonous.

Pictured above are Yuan, Sebastian and Phillip who collected a bag of pods and their vines from the school grounds.  Thanks, boys!