New Zealand International Biology Olympiad

On Wednesday 8th September, secondary students across the country took part in the New Zealand International Biology Olympiad (NZIBO) entrance exams.    The NZBIO is an incorporated society whose membership is open to all New Zealand biologists.  Their goal is to foster interest, participation, and excellence in biology through participation of secondary school students.

The NZIBO entrance examination is aimed at Year 12 students with an interest in Biology and who would like to be considered for selection for the New Zealand team. During the exam, students are asked questions about a wide variety of biology topics. This year 269 students from across New Zealand qualified.

It is with great pleasure that I congratulate the following students who have qualified for the New Zealand International Biology Olympiad (NZIBO) tutorial programme:

  • Adina Anselm
  • Sean Carlos
  • Ellen Caudy
  • Hayley Clark
  • Sandra Heruela
  • Claudia Mistar
  • Adrian Vargas

Well done to you all!  These students will go on to attend an online Biology Tutorial programme starting in the September school holidays and running through until May.  Students will then sit another assessment for selection of 20 students to attend a training camp hosted at one of New Zealand’s top universities for a week during the July holidays in 2022.

I would like to congratulate all Sancta Maria College students who sat the NZIBO entrance examination.  The standard for these exams is incredibly high and the experience of studying for and undertaking the examination itself is very beneficial for preparing for NCEA.

Shane Williamson
Head of Science