Principal’s Message

As 2023 draws to a close, we can be grateful for so many incredible achievements that come from our students in academic, sporting, cultural and service endeavours.  Our students are deeply committed to achieving their personal best and this has been a key motivation throughout the year.  As a staff we are very proud of our students, as I am sure parents are too.

Thank you parents/caregivers/whānau for your support of the staff and school during the year.  We can’t thank you enough for walking beside us in your child’s educational journey.  Together, we are ensuring unwavering guidance and support during their time at school.

The encounter with Jesus Christ is at the heart of Catholic education.  The integration of faith is very much a living conversation and continues to uplift and give us all hope.

As we prepare for Christmas and wait for the coming and birth of the Christ Child, it’s a time when we should be thinking and putting others first.  It is a good time for letting go of any bitterness and grudges we sometimes bear.  We can heal any hurt we may have caused to others, especially those who are dearest and closest to us.

Through the giving of gifts, spending time with family and friends and performing acts of kindness to others, we are opening our hearts to God and sharing his wonderful love that he has for each, and every one of us.

May the Christmas Season bring only happiness and joy to you and your family/whānau.

Louise Moore,