Senior School Update

Year 12 Physical Education Camp

Thank you to Mr James, Mrs Heffernan, and Mr Bidwell and all of the students who made the Year 12 PES Camp, earlier this term, the most amazing experience. The college received wonderful feedback about the behaviour of our students from a member of the public and they are to be congratulated for this.

Sancta Maria College’s School Ball

The 2024 Senior Ball will be held on Friday 24 May 2024 at the Ellerslie Convention Centre (Greenlane) for our Year 12 & 13 students.  Tickets are available to purchase from the cashier’s office during school hours – please ensure you have your completed consent forms to accompany payment.

The theme for this year’s senior ball is ‘A night in the garden’ and is sure to be an evening to remember.

GRIP Prefect Leadership Day

Mr Green took a group of prefects out to experience the values leadership event that is GRIP. It was a wonderful opportunity for these student leaders and will help them to grow their leadership and serve our community effectively.

Managing Assessments

Many assessments or tests happen towards the end of the term and should align with the indication of dates on Course Outlines (these are available on Schoology). It can be a highly stressful time for our senior students, and this can be alleviated – to a certain extent – by creating an overview of the terms or year’s assessments and organising times to work on each of them. Most subjects allow a number of class periods to work on assessments but supplementary time at home will often be required.

Assignments are best started as soon as they are issued – students should try hard not to procrastinate as this is a common cause of last-minute stress.

If a learner is feeling stressed or anxious please spend some time going through their workload with them and ask them to talk to a member of staff, contact our counselling team, if needed.

In the case of sickness, please remember to get a Medical Certificate, download the form from the website and contact Principal’s Nominee, Mrs Heffernan.

Chris Sullivan
Deputy Principal, Year 11-13