Special Character Message

Year 11 Retreat

The retreat was facilitated by our Tagged Teachers.  The theme of the retreat was “I am loved and so I must love.”  The students were made to realise that “God loves you for who you are” and that everyone is important – especially the people around you.  It also emphasised the importance of the community as we belong to one church working towards one goal.  They were also guided to realising how to share love to their families, school community and everyone else around.

The students got the chance to attend Mass as part of the retreat and they listened to the sharing of the old Sancta Maria College Head Boy Dr. Niel Kulkarni who shared what he is doing and why he is doing it – he felt God’s love and mercy and so he is sharing it to others for people to see and feel themselves.  Here is the link to Sancta Maria College Year 11 Retreat 2023

Year 7 – Introduction to the Rosary 

At the start of May 2022, the staff and students were given rosaries and were given awareness on the importance of praying the Rosary.  This year, the focus is on the newcomers in the college – the DRS took part of the Year 7 assembly and explained to them the importance of the Rosary.  They were given rosary guides and rosaries.  They were also encouraged to pray the Rosary either individually or as a family – “the family that prays together stays together”.

Alpha for Staff

One of the goals is to help the staff strengthen their faith so they could share this strength in faith with students.  In co-ordination with the Diocese of Auckland, St. Luke’s Parish and Sancta Maria Catholic Primary School, we have launched Alpha for staff.  The first session was held last Thursday and there were over 25 staff from both the College and the Primary who attended.

CSYMI (Catholic Schools Youth Ministry International)

Part of the call of the Catholic Church is the New Evangelisation.  The group of CSYMI at Sancta Maria College led by their moderator, Mr. Piggin, attended the two-day formation sessions with the aim of inspiring these students to take the lead and proclaim the good news in school through their words and actions.  Click this link for more detail on the event.

Praying Dads

The DRS together with parents of old students have formed this group that gathers every Wednesday afternoon.  The aim is for these dads to be inspired to pray.  They begin with the reading of the Gospel and followed by reflections on the Gospel.  They are also given opportunities to share how they are – a lovely support group.

Awe Maria

A video instruction (with correct Te Reo Maori pronounciation) was made by the group of Mrs. Hiddleston. Each class/homeroom is encouraged to pray the Awe Maria to help the students and staff be confident in speaking and praying in Te Reo Maori.  Please see the video links below:

  1. With staff – Hail Mary In Māori – with teachers.mp4
  2. With students – Hail Mary In Māori – with students.mp4

Praying of the Angelus in May

At 12 noon, during the Magnum Silentium, the staff and students stop whatever they are doing to pray The Angelus in the month of May as this is the month dedicated to Mary.  The Awe Maria is prayed instead of the usual English version.  A PowerPoint presentation, prepared by Mrs. Camp, was sent to the entire staff to help them in leading the prayers.

Pompallier Shield

Selected students assisted and coached by staff competed with the 15 Catholic schools around Auckland.  They all went up to Pompallier College in Whāngerei to compete.  Each of the student contestants did really well as they ranked high in each of the competitions and even brought home the trophy for the Best Waiata.  Overall, Santa Maria College ranked third.  Click this link for more detail.

Click the following link to view the video Pompallier Shield 2023

Sancta Maria College Young Vinnies – Otahuhu Cooking

The group of students were brought by Mr. Tamayo to St. Vincent de Paul in Otahuhu to cook meals for the less fortunate.  It only started in Term 2 and we are hoping to continue this until the end of the year.

Caritas Social Justice Meet

The Special Character and Service Prefects together with the DRS attended the Social Justice Meet with Catholic Schools from different parts of New Zealand.  They have learned the mission of Caritas and the different issues around the world.  They were all linked to the Catholic Social Justice Principles and the student-leaders were encouraged to let their fellow students know and make a stand for justice around the world.



Kororāreka Assembly

The staff and students of Kororāreka whose charitable institution is Caritas were informed of the mission of Caritas which is to share God’s love through action.  Here is the link to the presentation given by Caritas to Sancta Maria College – Mission of Caritas

God bless,
Mr. Omar Tamayo