Special Character Update

Assumption Mass

Due to the August 2021 lockdown, we were unable to meet as a college to celebrate Assumption Mass together. The Special Character Team would like to share some of the key points about this Feast Day and why it is so important to the Catholic Faith.

What are we celebrating on the Assumption Feast Day?

Mary is the Mother of God. From her Immaculate Conception to the end of her earthly life, she was united with the grace of God as no other human being was or could be—in an intimacy that does not cease in heaven. Mary is the Queen of Heaven, and in her motherhood she is quite close to us. Because she committed herself, body and soul, to a divine yet dangerous undertaking, Mary was taken up, or Assumed, body and soul, into heaven, at the end of her earthly life. Anyone who lives and believes as Mary did will get to heaven. (Source: Youth Catechism)

Did Mary ascend to heaven like Jesus?

The difference between Jesus’ Ascension and Mary’s Assumption, is that Jesus Christ, as God, ascended body and soul, due to His divine power. Mary, being an ordinary human, was assumed body and soul, through the divine power of her Son.

Why did Jesus give His mother this honour?

Romano Guardini, a wise priest, said that “This mystery is given to us so that . . . a divine light might be shed on our death.” God loves us all as much as He loves Mary, and though this honour of His mother, He gives us a wonderful preview of the destiny He has gained for us, if we choose to accept it.”

Are there any special parts of the Assumption Mass?

This year, we were to pray a special prayer with the rest of the NZ Catholic Bishops to rededicate Aotearoa to the protection of Our Lady of the Assumption, as Bishop Pompallier did in 1838.

Further information can be found on this year of blessing at www.tearaamaria.nz

What other ways can we celebrate this Feast Day?

It is a great time to also honour our earthly mothers as well. So doing something helpful around the house or just letting your mum know you love her are simple ways we can honour her.


Catholic Caring Awards

We would also like to congratulate the following students who were awarded Catholic Caring Awards by Bishop Michael Gielan at the Annual Catholic Caring Foundation Mass at Christ the King Church, Owairaka.

  • Alexandra Lazatin
  • Teresa Croker
  • Abby Tay-Morrison
  • Mikaela Killip
  • Nasya Chin
  • Isabella Chan

Cedric Piggin
Director of Religious Studies



A Reflection on Mary

Father Kevin SM would like to share this relatable translation with us of our Hail Mary prayer


Hail Mary……….What does it mean?

It means Hi Mary, its me and I want you to give me a hand.

Full of Grace…….full of what?

This means that Mary is filled with God’s love and that as the Mother of Jesus, she taught Jesus about love and caring for others, so she is the ideal person to teach us about how to care for others.

The Lord is with you……..

He certainly is…..I asked Mary through an angel to be the Mother of Jesus and she without hesitation said YES…so we know then that God will always be with her….she will know the mind of God so we should ask her for help always.  She knows as a mum what is good for us.

Blessed are you among Women

Yes Mary, out of all women in creation you are most blessed because God called you as the mother of His son.  She become the first disciple of Jesus.

And blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus……

Wow!! You are pregnant Mary and carried Jesus your son in your body for nine months.  What a blessing!  It must have been fantastic to always have Jesus so close to you.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners…

This means you can go to Jesus through Mary.  No son like Jesus is going to say no to a request from his mum.  Mary is holy and she just loves to be able to help us….all we need do, is ask for her help.

Now and at the hour of our death

Mary is a saint, a great person to help us when we die, when we prepare to leave this world and go home to heaven. Mary is a gift from God to help us at this difficult time of death. Many people pray to her for help and support when they are dying. She is a human being like us who understands our feelings, worries and can care for us when we are sad or upset.


This means, I agree with all that has been said and prayed. It means I believe….a good way to end our prayer, our conversation with God.



Fr Kevin Murphy SM
College Chaplain