Teaching and Learning

Thriving and Succeeding

Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners. (John Holt)

One of the most important aspects of educational success is students’ ability to conceive of themselves as a learner engaged in the process of learning.

This is often referred to as “Student Agency” and is a cornerstone of Sancta Maria’s Purpose Curriculum.

We want our students to be active in their learning.

Next year we have plans to deepen our focus in this area, with teachers working to empower ākonga to take an active, and eventually a lead, role in their academic and their personal growth.

When agency in nurtured in this way, the capability of ākonga to take personal responsibility for their own growth, and become self-monitoring, self-regulating, and self-determining learners is developed significantly.

This is what we know will lead to ākonga experiencing learning which is motivating and meaningful, “promoting a drive to know more and the desire to make a difference”.

We look forward to sharing with you the developmental work we have done in this space, putting in place systems and practices which enable our ākonga to be agentic learners, maximising their potential to thrive and succeed.

Ray Green,
Deputy Principal, Teaching and Learning