Wellbeing and Pastoral Care update

Greetings from the Sancta Maria College Wellbeing Team.

We have recently had John Parsons visit our school to educate our school community on the importance of online safety. There were lots of practical steps that both parents and students can take to keep everyone safe online. I have included the link to some of his videos below that are useful to watch for all parents. The key messages were around staying engaged in what your child is doing online, giving your children boundaries and ensuring they are creating a social media presence that won’t impact their future and their employment. 

Our peer support programme continues to play a significant role in connecting our junior students within the college and developing their knowledge of Sancta Maria College values. The peer support programme has been working towards their dance items on key messages which all the students are looking forward to.

Our guidance team have been running the Travellers Programme at Year 9 and recently some of our students attended the Peace Symposium event where they learned valuable skills to lead others.  

CHILDREN & ONLINE GAMES – A NOSY PARENT IS A LOVING PARENT – https://www.facebook.com/johnparsonsS2E/videos/653756001863893/ 

TEENAGERS AND FUTURE PROOFING FOR EMPLOYMENT – https://www.facebook.com/johnparsonsS2E/videos/592289241813040 

FAMILIES THAT EAT TOGETHER HEAL TOGETHER – https://www.facebook.com/johnparsonsS2E/videos/2866705640318593 

We are heading towards an extremely busy time of year, especially for our senior students. With derived grades and internal assessment peaking at the end of Term 3, it’s important that you stay connected with your child. They may be experiencing increased stress and anxiety. You can help your child by helping them to prioritise their time, creating study spaces away from their devices and engaging in their assessments. Many of our senior students have not experienced exams, so please check in with your child to see how they’re coping. Our guidance counsellors are also available to support the students currently.  

Ben Bacon,

Leader of Pastoral Care and Wellbeing