Back to the Future Event

The Back to the Future event gets its name from a combination of going “back to school” and also learning about the “future of education”.

The fact that its reference point is a famous film from the 1980s, the decade when many of our parents were last at school, is an added bonus!

We invite a group of parents and caregivers to experience Sancta Maria College as a student, attending classes and participating in learning tasks.

The feedback we received this year is again a reinforcement of what a brilliant experience our parents and caregivers have:

  • The day gave me a great appreciation of how school has changed for the better; a much easier way of learning now.
  • Today was a fantastic day! I wasn’t sure what to expect or even how informative the day would be but I was so impressed with everything!
  • The day flew by and I was actually wishing that the class sessions were longer than scheduled.
  • The experience was a good insight into the current teaching and learning methods. The section on how our kids are learning for jobs that haven’t been created yet really hit home for me.
  • There is a much more interactive, creative and investigative approach to learning now.
  • It was also good to know that not only do teachers teach, but they also learn. I feel all the more satisfied that my children are in the right place to learn.
  • Content provided me with new information that will help me support my child’s education such as passive vs active learning, learning vs knowing, how the school encourages critical thinking, new careers in the 21st century, etc. A great day!

A huge thank you to all of our volunteer parents and caregivers.

Please look out for the next instalment coming soon – Back to the Future IV!