East Auckland Youth Space

East Auckland Youth Space in Botany Town Centre is running weekly mentoring sessions. We now have a team of mentors who will be at the space weekly to help younger students (Year 8 to Year 11) with their homework and studies. The sessions will be relaxed and consist of mentees bringing work/particular areas they need help with and mentors advising them.

Meet your Mentors at our first sessions in the July holidays are:

  • Monday 15th July at 2pm: Maths & Sciences
  • Tuesday 16th July at 2pm: English, Social Studies, Geography, History & Arts

Then, weekly after that:

  • Every Monday (from 22 July) at 4pm: Maths & Sciences
  • Every Tuesday (from 23 July) at 4pm: English, Social Studies, Geography, History & Arts
All of these sessions are free and open to all within our age range (12-24 years) who would like some extra support with their subjects.
Click the following link for their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/youthspacebyhyc/
Te Taiwhanga Taiohi East Auckland Youth Space is funded by Howick Local Board, delivered by Te Tuhi and supported by Botany Town Centre and Howick Youth Council