Principal’s Message

Ben Bacon

Ka tangi te haere, te tangata ki te whakapono:  A person taking up a faith does not do so quietly.  We know this about Mr Bacon.  Out of deep respect, Mr Bacon waits to see who may take the lead, but after a short while, such is his leadership, he takes the lead.  Often in te reo Māori, Mr Bacon has led staff prayer in our morning briefing, on stage in front of staff and students, as well as in many other settings.  Mr Bacon has a naturally deep understanding, and a strong belief in the importance of healthy relationships, wellbeing and his values run deep, as does his faith.  May faith continue to be his compass and we wish you well in your senior leadership role at Sacred Heart College.  Haere ra.

Lorraine O’Carroll, Head of Faculty, Mathematics and Statistics

We are delighted to introduce to you Lorraine O’Carroll who joins us as an experienced Head of Department, Mathematics and Statistics.  Lorraine comes to us from Horizon School where she was the establishing Head of Department.  Prior to this, Lorraine was Head of Department, Mathematics and Statistics at Kaipara College, and an accomplished teacher at Carmel College and St Mary’s College.  Lorraine is very passionate about her subjects, and she looks forward to ensuring that courses engage students while fostering understanding and a love of Mathematics and Statistics.

Other Staff Welcomed

We also welcomed other new staff recently:

  • Melissa Renner, Visual Art and Art Design
  • Monique Fautuaali’i, Religious Education
  • Yasmine Fernandes, Years 7 & 8
  • Greg Hawes, Property Maintenance
  • Maria Corboy, Medical Officer

For a list of all our staff, please click the following link Staff List | Sancta Maria College

Education Review Office

This term we have been working with Carol Bashford, Education Review Office (ERO) as part of our school’s evaluation cycle.  Several visits have occurred and during this time the following have been achieved:

  • The Board Assurance Statement and verification meetings, Self-Audit Checklists in the following areas:  Board administration, Curriculum, Health, Safety and Welfare, Personnel, Finance and Asset Management.
  • Classroom visits
  • Discussions with the Board of Trustees Chairperson, senior leaders, classroom teachers and students
  • International Department visitation, audit and discussions with personnel and students
  • Identifying and discussion on SMC’s current Learner Position:  Inclusive Learning Climate, Wellbeing & Safety
  • Identifying and discussion on SMC’s current position for Conditions to Support Learners:  Responsive Curriculum and Planning, Effective Teaching, Leadership & Capability, Partnerships, Stewardship and Evaluation for Improvement

A profile report will be developed as a result of the discussions, observations and documentation sighted.  The report will give background, context, identify strengths and priorities for moving forward.

Sancta Maria College celebrates 20 Years (2004-2024)

The 20th milestone had a positive turnout and was celebrated with former board and establishment members, proprietors, staff, students, and friends of the college recently.  During the formalities, we heard from Fr Ezio Blasani, the establishment Priest for St Luke’s Parish who talked about the significance of the Special Character at Sancta Maria College using the Visitation story of Mary and her cousin Elizabeth.  He commented on all the Masses, including on Sundays that were held in the Auditorium until St Luke’s Church was built and opened several years later.  Michael Stride, Establishment Board and Chair of the BOT, gave a summary of what led to the college site decision, the naming of SMC and the significant task of preparations leading to its opening while navigating a few challenges along the way.  Paul Daley, Foundation Principal shared about the very short timeframe to recruit staff and get the school ready for the Official Opening Day.  We also heard some of his favourite assembly messages that he left etched in the hearts and minds of staff and students from the first decade.  Special thanks to the organising committee comprising past staff and parents.

From this event, the Alumni Association was launched and a database has been established.  If you are a former staff member, student or friend of the college please add your details to our alumni by clicking the link:  Alumni | Sancta Maria College

We look forward to celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Sancta Maria College five years from now and hope to see you there! 

Louise Moore,