Principal’s Message

Academic Honours
Congratulations to all our students who were acknowledged at our recent 2023 Academic Honours ceremony.  Overall, the NCEA, University Entrance and Scholarship Results were again outstanding.  Sancta Maria College results continue to remain significantly above the national average and other schools of similar type.  Understandably, these results are marginally lower than the highs of years prior, when most assessment was undertaken under special conditions due to Covid-19.  Non-the-less, students should be proud of what they have accomplished during challenging times and for Year 13 several years of continued disruption.

Thanks to all teachers and HODs who worked tirelessly to support our students with their academic progress through 2022.

We are proud to share that 16 scholarships were gained, a 33% increase on the previous year.  These exams are the most demanding academic assessments in New Zealand.  Only 3% of students gain a scholarship pass.

Ethan Rogacion gained three scholarships in History, English and Statistics. Ethan received a Scholarship Award and received $2,000 each year for three years, as long as he maintains at least a “B” grade average in his tertiary studies.

Mikaela Lai gained an Outstanding Scholarship in Photography.

Hayley Clark gained two Scholarships in Biology and English.

Congratulations to the following students who have received Single Subject Awards valued at $500 per subject:

Ethan Rogacion English, History, Statistics
Hayley Clark English, Biology
Mikaela Lai Photography
Kathleen Shi Sculpture
Adrian Vargas English
Josh Balisa Classics
Jennifer Zeng Geography
Thomas George Digital Technology
Joseph George Digital Technology
Anais Bebelman Health & PE
Stella Cranwell Health & PE
Ashley Liu Biology
Alanna Santoso Religious Education

Literacy and Numeracy

Over the past several years, Sancta Maria College has worked steadily to improve literacy and numeracy. The return on the efforts of all concerned, is to be acknowledged.  We are celebrating outstanding literacy and numeracy results.