Talent Quest

On Wednesday afternoon during Special Character week, the auditorium was transformed into a ‘live-performance’ stage equipped with black curtains, spotlights and booming music! The crowd was excited and ready to support each of the performers as they had their turn on stage.

The judges were very impressed by the amazing talent shown by each of the contestants! Every performer gave their best efforts and the judges mentioned the high standards of this year’s competition. The results were as follows.

Honourable mentions

Kayla Jones

Ayesha & Akshita


People’s Vote

Elijah, Josue, Carsten and Miguel – performing a song they had composed themselves!


Top Places

3rd place – Shania Carter-Chan for her performance of “You don’t even know me “- Faouzia

2nd place – Zoe Martis with her dance performance to “Let me take you Dancing” – Jason Derulo

1st place – Kayla Kippen for her performance of “Talking to the Moon” – Bruno Mars

Congratulations to each and every student who participated in the 2021 Talent Quest. This is a great opportunity for building confidence as well as comradery across the whole school!