2021 – Year of Faith

Each year, Sancta Maria College selects a touchstone value to explore in more depth as a Catholic community. In 2021, we selected the value of Faith.

After the tumultuous year that was 2020, we headed into a new year that held much uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We reflected that our faith had got us through the dark valley, and we would need to continue to rely on that faith to light the way in 2021.

As this year has unfolded, we have seen God’s faithfulness towards us in many areas. I would like to highlight some of these with you.

Student Learning

Until the recent lockdown, we experienced a great run of in-person teaching and learning. This enabled us to build a strong platform for academic progress which has given our students a solid foundation for their current online learning.

Across our Religious Education class studies there has been a focus on a deeper understanding of our faith:

  • Year 9 – the history of our faith.
  • Year 11 – the fundamental doctrines of our faith.
  • Year 13 – the reasoned arguments for our faith in God.

Faith of our students

We have seen students step out in faith already this year:

  • Six students chose to receive their Sacrament of Confirmation at our Feast Day Mass.
  • Twenty students have chosen to share the fruits of their faith by becoming Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers.

Faith of our staff

At the beginning of the year, we held a staff retreat together. Carrying on from there, we were inspired to read though a whole gospel, a little each day. This has provided fertile soil for our seeds of faith to grow.

A group of staff have joined the ‘Exploring the Catholic Faith’ group which meets for regular lunchtime discussions.

Faith in the community

Our Young Vinnies have done amazing work this year. They have been involved with can drives and cooking at the Otahuhu foodbank. There have been many examples of students putting their faith into action.

Catholic Schools Day

On Wednesday 29th September we celebrated Catholic Schools Day. Across the country there are seventy thousand Catholic school students. To commemorate this important day, Sancta Maria College held an online liturgy. Together we listened to Father Kevin’s homily, Prayers of the Faithful, a message from our principal, as well as other special items from students and staff.

Our very existence as a Catholic school family is built on the faith-guided labours of generations past. It is now and ever will be, a testament to the faithfulness of God in answering our prayers. He will not be outdone in generosity, or faithfulness.

Cedric Piggin
Director of Religious Education