Four Advent Candles

The Four Advent Candles

Four candles were alight and burning.  it was so quiet that one could hear the candles talking to each other:

“My name is Peace and my light shines but people don’t pay any attention to me. They don’t seem to really want me” the first candle said.  His flame kept getting smaller until it finally went out.

The second candle flickered and said, “My name is Faith but I seem to be useless. People say they are no longer interested in God. There is no reason any longer why I should still be burning”.  A sudden gust of wind came through the room and the candle went out.

Sadly and softly, the third candle almost whispered, “My name is Love but I have lost interest in  burning. People shove me aside.  They see only themselves and not the other people they are supposed to love.”  Suddenly the flame flared up for a second and then went out.

At that point a young Sancta Maria Year 7 student walked into the room, looked at the candles and said in surprise “Aren’t you all supposed to be burning?”  The student was sad but at that very moment the fourth candle spoke up and said “Don’t worry, as long as I am still burning we can relight the other candles.  My name is Hope”. Then the student relit the other three candles from the fourth one.

Message from Father Kevin

I love this simple story because it reminds us about the meaningful gifts we can give our family this Christmas. Consider what gifts you will bring to your loved ones and friends this Christmas.  Will you bring peace, faith, love, and hope? These are everlasting gifts given to us by God that we get to share with each other. Perhaps through giving these gifts you can transform our world as Mary did before you! The choice is yours!

As we head into this time of summer holidays don’t forget the reason for the season is Jesus!  A little baby that brought hope and love for all the world.  We all need that after such a year as 2021!

Jesus is the gift that brings us hope for the future! The gifts we bring to others are there to remind us of the greatest gift we all receive: Jesus with open arms who says to you and I, ‘Will you let me love you?”  What will our answer be?


Father Kevin
College Chaplain