International News

The International Department welcomed several new students from China and Japan at the beginning of term (see image above).

  • Bernice (Zeyang) Liu
  • Celia (Zhenyue) Yuan
  • Roxy (Ruoqui) Yin
  • Vicky (Yuyan) Ding
  • Willima (Mingzhi) Wei
  • Kokomi Hiza

We also warmly welcome the new Homestay Co-Ordinators, Aimee Wang and Carmen McKnight into our school whānau.

We farewelled a lovely group of Thai students last week.  Nabtang, Mana, Namo, Hana and Kla will return to Thailand after seven weeks at Sancta Maria College.  They’ve made some great friends while they’ve participated in as much as they could while they’ve been with us.  Thank you, once again, to our kapa haka group who gave them a memorable farewell.

Sadly, we also said farewell to Khang Do, who has returned to Vietnam and takes with him his very good results, especially in Mathematics obtaining his University Entrance numeracy in Year 12.  This term will be another busy one ahead and we are looking forward to getting to know our latest arrivals as they settle into life at Sancta Maria College and join our international student cohort.

Hosting international students – we are searching for families that would like a paid opportunity to host visiting international students requiring short or long-term homestay accommodation.  Please contact if you would like to host an international student or click this link for more information.