Model United Nations Assembly

Congratulations to Stella Cranwell, Justin Gumafelix, Harini Pushpakumar and Minju Kim who represented Sancta Maria College at the Model United Nations Assembly 2021, a massive regional event of over 500 attendees, held at the Dorothy Winstone Centre. Run by Rotary International, MUNA is a 2-day event simulating life as a United Nations delegate.

High school student teams represent the interests of their allocated country. They must deliver two 2 minute speeches, in front of the entire assembly, from the perspective of their allocated country, to demonstrate their world knowledge and diplomacy. They also investigate current world issues, partake in debates, negotiate, influence and gain support from other delegates to push through their own amendments, and they learn about the functions and important role of the United Nations.

Sancta Maria College students represented delegates from Spain. The team debated topics such as ensuring the fair global distribution of Covid-19 vaccines and enforcing regulations on countries who do not act to reduce their carbon emissions.

Out of 43 schools, representing 92 countries, Sancta Maria College placed “runner up best overall team” for our quality of debate, our knowledge of Spain’s contributions to world issues, and our effective use of diplomacy within the UN rules. This was a fantastic achievement for a school entering the competition for the first time!

Thanks to Ms Sian Redwood for her help and support to make this such a rewarding experience for our students.