Pastoral Update

It has been a busy Term 2 with lots of events on to help our students become more aware of themselves and their hauora. We have had visits from the Revolution Tour, Life Education, Jake Bailey, Peace Foundation and John Parsons. We celebrated Pink Shirt Day and Gumboot Friday to develop student understanding around their own mental health and strategies they can use to improve their holistic well-being.

Jake Bailey Visit

Students have been encouraged to take an active approach in looking after all aspects of their well-being and to not be afraid to access support when they need it. Jake Bailey, who was head boy at Christchurch Boys High School, gave a powerful message about his journey with cancer and the important lessons he has learned about himself and resiliency. The students were really empowered and encouraged by his message.

Unplugged Connection

The holidays are a great chance to catch up with your children and see how they are doing. Maybe plan a date away from distractions to catch up with them individually and see how they are tracking. Device use is always a point of contention, however there are lots of helpful tips out there to help us navigate this space.


We have a few areas that we would like to ask for your support on as parents.


Vaping is a growing trend amongst young people in New Zealand. Sancta Maria is not immune from this trend, and it is important that students understand that it is not tolerated at our school. We ask that you have conversations with your children about the addictive nature of the nicotine in the vapor and how this has negative implications for their overall health.


We encourage punctuality as we want the students to develop this skill in preparation for the work force. We understand there are days when ‘life happens’ but overall, we want the students at school for the start of the day.

Below is our lateness procedure which enables us to maintain the school’s high standards and enables the students to understand the goal we are working towards. If you can support us in this it would be greatly appreciated:

Students arriving late must report to the Student Centre to obtain a Late Pass. Students will not be allowed into class without this Late Pass. Students must bring a note (signed by their parent/caregiver) to the Student Centre explaining their late arrival. If this note is not received by the end of interval the following school day, the student will receive a lunchtime detention. If lateness persists, parents / caregivers will be contacted, and students will be given an after-school detention on Tuesday or Thursday from 3.20-4.20pm.

Uniform Expectations

If students are dyeing their hair or getting any piercings over the holidays, please ensure they are prepared for their return to school. A reminder that hair must be a natural colour and that only a single gold or silver stud in each ear is permitted under our school uniform expectations.


And finally, a notice from our librarian Penny O’Rorke. We would like to remind parents that the library is open after school until 5pm for Sancta Maria College students only. For health and safety reasons we cannot be responsible for primary school students in the library. So we ask that college students do not bring their younger primary school siblings in the library after school. Thanks you for your cooperation in this matter.


God Bless

Ben Bacon

Kaitiaki Pastoral Care and Well-being