It is always a pleasure to welcome students at the start of each year to Sancta Maria College.  We had the honour of welcoming new students and staff at our 2021 Opening Mass.  Since then there has been a buzz of activity around the college with a lot of initiatives put into place for 2021.

House points

The house points system has been reviewed and digitally revised, so that students have a current and active role in the awarding of house points. Both students and staff can now award points for positive behaviour and performance within school life from their mobile device.  Students receive notification of their achievement and can visually see their contribution to their house.

I want to acknowledge the significant work Daniel Bidwell has completed to enable this to be a reality.

Student Adventure Day & Y8 Tabloid Sports

Our SMC Prefects ran a fantastic day along with Bigfoot Adventures at the beginning of the year. One of the purposes of the adventure day was to enhance connection and relationship between our senior and junior students.

We always see great results from this day as junior students begin to look up to and see senior students as positive role models to aspire to.

I also want to thank the Sports prefects and committee for running the Year 8 Tabloid sports day which focused on well-being and connection.

Peer Support

The Year 11 and 12 Peer Support leaders have now completed their training and have begun implementing their programme with the Year 7/8 students. Our Peer Support leaders learn how to quickly build rapport with younger students by listening, being open and working on solutions together.

Jo Robertson – The Light Project

Thank you to all the families who joined us for our special evening session with Jo Robertson in March. Jo has a background in sexual health and counselling and came to present on the topic “Porn & Young People in Aotearoa.”

Speaking to some parents after the session, I could see that parents were grateful for the opportunity to discuss the issue of pornography and keeping our young people educated and safe. This is a great opportunity for us to have conversations with our tamariki about such an important area.

For more information these are some helpful websites – and

Maori Student Leaders

At the beginning of Term 1, our Maori Prefects attended an inaugural hui with Maori student leaders from the south eastern community at Saint Kentigern College to discuss initiatives and talk about how Maori students can share more of their culture within their schools. The students were really encouraged by their visit and the way they can share their culture within school.

Kapa Haka

Our Kapa Haka group has continued to grow in strength as well as numbers.  We have now split into two groups to cater for the number of students wanting to join the group. We are also excited to welcome Girlie Ruki,  our new tutor who is doing great work in this space and is helping the group prepare for the opening powhiri with Sancta Maria Primary School for the St Luke’s Church opening.

Ben Bacon
Director of Pastoral Care