Principal’s Message

The Light of the World

The candles and lights of Christmas are symbols of the light and the warmth of another son, the Son of God made man.
Many of our Christmas decorations relate to Christ as the ‘light of the world.’  Lights on the Christmas tree, on houses and the candles in our churches are all related to the coming of light at Christmas with the birth of Jesus.  In the deep darkness of Christmas Eve, we rejoice in the birth of the light of the world.  In the religious world, darkness has always been linked with despair and evil.  Light is always connected with hope, wisdom and goodness.

There is a great deal of darkness in our world, but the story of the birth of Jesus, gives us hope and disperses the darkness.  Christ was born into the darkness, but that darkness did not overcome his light, and he continues to light our path today.

At Christmas, we celebrate the new hope that springs from his light in the midst of darkness, gloom and any bleakness.  The power of his light will continue to transform us, day after day, making us new, so that in him, we too are light to the world.  ‘Jesus, the Light of the World, as we celebrate your birth may we begin to see the world in the light of the understanding you give us.  As you chose the vulnerable, outcasts and the poor to receive the greatest news the world had ever known, so may we worship you in meekness of heart.  In this season of advent, we remember our brothers and sisters in the season of giving.  May Joy and Peace come and nest in our Christmas tree branches as well as in our hearts.  We pray this in your name’.  Amen.

With Blessings and peace to all our Sancta Maria College families this Christmas.  Keep safe and I look forward to welcoming all new and returning students at the start of 2023.

Louise Moore,