Senior School Update

NCEA Literacy and Numeracy Re-sit Opportunities for Year 11 Students 

From the 13- 15 June, selected Year 11s who are now ready to re-sit the NCEA Literacy (Reading and Writing) and Numeracy Pilot tests will have the opportunity to do so. 

If your child has been offered the opportunity to sit this second assessment opportunity, the HODs of both Mathematics and English will have been in touch with them. Results for these assessments can be seen via the Portal. 

Students are being offered lunchtime workshops to help them prepare. Please contact Ms Du Blom (HOD English) or Mrs Edward (Acting HOD Mathematics and Statistics) for further information on these workshops. 

Supporting Senior Students with Internal Assessment 

All senior students should be working on internal assessment from now until the end of the term. Most assessments have sufficient class time allotted to them to get the majority of the work done.  

Seniors should be working for about two hours a day at home, whether or not they have assessments due. This may be reviewing notes, reading ahead, completing homework, etc. Balancing this workload effectively is an important skill and this is something that parents should be discussing with their children. If students create a plan and work on their assessments in an intentional way from when the task is first issued, there should be no stress or rush at the end.  

Please speak to your child about their upcoming tasks, and their plan to get the work done in a timely fashion. This approach can really help. 

Things to note: 

  • All internal assessments have checkpoints that students must meet. 
  • All internal assessments have a specified period of time during which work should be regularly completed. 
  • Class time is provided for students to work on most assessments. 
  • Proscrastination is the enemy of effective workload management.  
  • If you have questions, please contact the class teacher sooner rather than later. 

Able and Ambitious Programme 

Recently, Sancta Maria College senior students participated in the National Ethics Olympiad for the first time. The group was ably led by Academic Prefects, Nathan Chin and Grace Baragwanath – Click this link to find out more. 

Our students did extremely well against fierce intellectual competition, coming a creditable 13th overall and with a notable mention from the judges. 

The students who participated in this event will be using their new skills to coach junior Able and Ambitious programme students later this year.