Senior School Update

Congratulations to all our students who received Scholarships for 2023, including two students who received Outstanding Scholarships: Johannah Matanguihan and Alanna Santoso.


Year 12 students started the year by participating in the award-winning RYDA Road Safety Programme.  The high interest workshop aims to increase understanding of road safety for teenagers by providing them the tools, habits and motivation to take action and stay safe on our roads as both drivers and passengers throughout their lives. 

Our students found it an interesting and informative day. As many Year 12 are considering – or have started – learning to drive, the lessons of the day should prove invaluable. 

Howick Youth Council 

Sancta Maria College seniors have been active participants in the Howick Youth Council for many years. This youth-run (and local government funded) organisation aims to create valuable opportunities for young people to connect, to represent and be a voice for youth, and to empower youth leadership. They are responsible for a range of events for the youth of the Howick Pakuranga area.  

I would like to thank Alanna Santoso (2022-2023), Alexandria Lazatin (2022-2023), Jonarren Ngan-Woo Pulevaka, and Jemma McGregor for their service on this council in 2023, and to Kayleigh Pieters who will be continuing in 2024 for a third year. Their contribution to youth in East Auckland has been considerable.  Our 2024 members will be introduced in the next Newsletter. 

You can find further information about the Howick Youth Council and their activities here:  

Year 13 Retreat 

Year 13 was held on Friday 16 February at Willow Park. This special retreat is always a highlight for our Year 13 students, especially the dawn Mass on Eastern Beach, presided over by our new School Chaplain, Father Larry Rustia. While it was an early start to the day, it was an unforgettable experience.  

Student Carparking at Sancta Maria College 

Students with their restricted or full licences can apply for a permit to park on school grounds. The application can be collected from the Student Centre. The permit must be visible on the windscreen or dashboard at all times.  Please let us know as soon as possible if the car or licence plate associated with the permit changes. 

It is a privilege for students to be able to park on-site and we are the only local school that permits this.  

Students must: 

  • Drive safely and follow the rules clearly outlined in the ‘Application to Park On-site’. 
  • Be on time for class and not return to their vehicles during the school day. 
  • Wait until 3.25pm before exiting the allotted student carpark. This is to reduce congestion due to the parent carpark at the front of the school and the buses having priority. 
  • They must follow the legal rules regarding no passengers whilst on a ‘Restricted’ licence. 

Able and Ambitious Programme Upcoming Opportunities 

  • Senior Debating (Ms Du Blom) 
  • Ethics Olympiad (Mrs Sullivan or Academic Prefects: Ben Botting and Hyebeen Park) 
  • Mock United Nations (Ms Redwood) 
  • Biology Olympiad (Mr Williamson) 

2025 Trip to Greece and Italy 

The Social Sciences and English Departments hosted an information evening on Thursday 15th February about their upcoming trip to Greece and Italy. It is aimed at students taking Classics, History or English at Year 12 or Year 13 in 2025. 

If you were unable to attend the evening but would like information, please contact Mrs Sullivan via email  

Wishing you all a blessed start to the year,
Chris Sullivan.
Head of Senior School