Senior School Update

During Term 2, teachers have been using the hybrid learning model to ensure that students can keep their learning on track at both home and school.  Our senior students have completed more than half of their learning for the year and have been busy working through internal assessments in all of their subjects.

I would like to remind parents that you should be able to view the hybrid learning work through the Schoology App.  Being aware of upcoming assessments can be an excellent way to discuss any concerns around learning or wellbeing that your child may have. Please use the KAMAR portal to stay up-to-date with results.

If you are concerned about achievement, please be aware that tutorials are available for most subjects.  Please contact the classroom teacher or HOD in the first instance.

Preparation for NCEA Examinations
NCEA Derived Grade Examinations are taking place in Week 8 of Term 3.  Students should be studying toward these from early next term.

Patrick Sherratt from Innervate Education will be conducting a seminar, aptly named ‘Passing Exams’, for our Year 11 students.  This is aimed at helping them to develop their study skills prior to their first NCEA examinations.  This will be held in early September and has been well received by students in previous years.  This year we are pleased to announce that Patrick will also be coaching our ‘Pathway to Excellence’ Year 12 and 13 students to help them maximise their performance at the very top levels of NCEA.