Senior School Update

Seniors have been extremely busy in most subjects with internal assessment in recent weeks. Hopefully, the upcoming holidays will enable them to rest and recharge their batteries.

Level 1 NCEA Pilot Update
Parents of Year 11 students will be familiar with the NCEA Pilots currently running in Mathematics and Statistics, Religious Education, and Japanese classes. Students in both Religious Education, and Mathematics and Statistics, have completed the first of two internal assessment tasks. Once these assessments have been marked, they are sent to NZQA in Wellington for overall moderation. This means that final results for internal assessment undertaken in NCEA Pilot subjects will take significantly longer than normal to be uploaded onto KAMAR. In order to provide interim grades, the provisional results will be entered as School Assessments on KAMAR. This means you will be able to see the progress that your child is making. However, it is important to note that these provisional results are subject to change pending the completion of NZQA moderation, which is likely to be in Term 3.

NCEA Information
Information relating to NCEA can be found on the school website. This includes the NCEA Handbook outlining important information about missed or interrupted assessment due to illness or for other significant reasons. Please take time to familiarise yourself with the document: .

Holidays During Term Time
It is strongly recommended that holidays are not taken during the school term. Teaching and learning time in the classroom is very important. Any students travelling, for reasons other than for an emergency, who miss NCEA assessments are likely to be highly disadvantaged by both missing assessment opportunities and learning time. If your child does have reason to need time out of school, please email the relevant Dean with the details.