Special Character Message

At the start of the year, I have highlighted the value of Respect.  This is one of the core values that we, as a school, have been trying to live.  Respect, throughout the year has been manifested in various ways especially through the different Special Character activities and our day-to-day activities in school.

This year, we have actively invited staff and students to be involved in developing themselves through special character sessions and groups.  We have also invited parents to be part of a prayer group to support one another in their faith journey.  We focused our fund-raising efforts towards the four Catholic Institutions namely the Caring Foundation, Caritas, St. Columban Mission Society and St. Vincent de Paul.  We have also developed student leaders to proclaim their faith in school and their communities and parishes.  We continue to actively make the students aware of all our responsibility to care and respect God’s creation through Caritas activities focused on the Catholic Social Teachings. It will take time for the school to reap the benefits of the small things that we do but it is important to begin with planting the seeds of respect and love.

As a school, we remind each other the value of life and humanity as we do not want to give too many expectations that we lose our value on the way, rather we give expectations that allow us to love and nurture one another just as Jesus did for us.  As we end the year, let us reflect on the love and respect that Jesus exemplified.  He did not ask us to go to his level rather he lowered Himself and took the form of humanity as a sign of his love and respect.  He wants us to enjoy life everlasting with Him and so He made it easy for us; He understands our every need and desire that he does not push us rather waits for us.  And at the same time, He reminds us not to make Him wait too long.

May you be filled with love and respect as you share God’s love and respect to others.  Have a blessed Christmas celebration and a restful break.

Please click this link to access timings and dates for Christmas masses in our community

Yours in Christ,
Mr. Omar Leo Tamayo
Leader of Special Character Mission and Liturgy (DRS)