Special Character Message

Our school value focus for 2024 is Faith.

But what is faith? Faith is the belief in something that you hold true. It is that something that moves you to do things – it serves as one’s compass.  Sancta Maria College’s motto is FAITH IS OUR COMPASS.  It is our aim that at the end of their schooling in Sancta Maria College that Faith will guide our students in their decisions and dealings.

Sometimes people need to be reminded of this faith.  We do not need to, but it is good at times to be reminded.  There are different things around us that help remind us, like relics, saints, ordinary people living out the Catholic values.   Over the holidays, I was blessed to witness for myself the different relics such as the thorns from the crown of Jesus and the nail that was used to crucify Him.  Again, we do not need to see these things, but it is good to be reminded every now and then of the love Jesus has for us and that we are to share that love we have received to others.  As Catholics, we are all called to be missionaries – proclaim the good news, not just by saying it but by living it out in our actions and everyday life.

I also got to visit different churches and see several incorruptible saints.  These are living examples of how people expressed their faith through their talents and how God has shown mercy and compassion to those people who tried to imitate him.   These saints tried to nurture their faith and inspire others through the way they lived their lives.  All of us have been gifted with faith.  The big question is, what have we done to grow this faith?

As human beings, we know that we keep on learning new things every day.  We learn by researching, experiencing and doing things.  With regard to faith, what have we done so far to improve the faith from the time that we were baptised?  Are we trying to learn more or are we just waiting on the people around us?  Faith, without nurturing it, will be dull and boring.  It is up to us to make it more interesting and livelier.  If we want to care for our body, we work out and buy all the things to make it better. Because we love our soul, let us work out too to know more on how we can get to our final destination – heaven.

As we begin the year, I encourage all of you to learn more about your faith.  Let us nurture the love of God by trying to know more about how you can deepen your relationship with Him.  Let your faith be your compass.

Yours in Christ,
Mr. Omar Leo Tamayo
Leader of Special Character Mission and Liturgy (DRS)