Special Character Message

We now have a Prayer Room that the students can go toThis has been promoted and the students have started going to the room to pray and have a quiet time with the LordWe have bought materials (bean bags, lamps and de-humidifier) and have brought in some items to make it conducive for prayer, and the top part of the windows will be frosted to allow for privacy. 

Eucharistic Adoration 
Fr. Larry has started the Eucharistic Adoration. This is one way for staff and students to develop the love of the Eucharist.  Every Wednesday, Fr. Larry will expose the Blessed Sacrament to provide an opportunity for the school community to have a personal encounter with Christ (in addition to the Friday lunch time masses).  The RE team has planned to bring in students to the Prayer Room where the Blessed Sacrament is a part of their prayer and RE lesson.  The students are also led at the end of the day to St. Luke’s Parish for benediction.

Sacrament of Reconciliation 
The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available every Friday at interval.  Fr. Larry has made himself available for any staff and/or student who wishes to receive the sacrament.  This is a good opportunity for anyone who would like to reconnect with God.

Year 7, The Rosaries and the Month of Mary 

The Leader of Special Character Mission and Liturgy (DRS) met with all the Year 7 students and explained to them the importance of Mary as our mother.  He explained the values of Mary and the name of our school.  In addition to this, he explained what the rosary is, why we pray the rosary and how we pray the rosary.  He has given rosaries and rosary guides to the Year 7 students with the help of his homeroom HSR5.  He encouraged the students to pray with their families.  As Fr. Patrick Peyton used to say, “the family that prays together stays together.”

Caritas and Young Vinnies 

These two Special Character Groups have been really active this year.  We recently had a MUFTI Day for Caritas.  Students were really happy to share the little that they have to those who are in need.  We also finished with the Caritas Lenten Appeal.

SMC Vinnies Sign-up
There is a big jump in student participation this year with regard to membership and wanting to volunteer.  The teachers-in-charge have started meeting up with the students and the plans are already in place.

  • Hospice (118 members) 
  • Retirement Homes (118 members) 
  • Packing and Preparation of Food (87 members) 

With the help of Fr. Larry, the students have recently visited Summerset Retirement home.  They have brought joy to our elderly brothers and sisters with their songs and messages of hope.  They also listened to the stories of our lovely elderly.  Our students also attended a mass with them.

The Young Vinnies leaders were also commissioned together with the other student leaders in the different Catholic Schools across Auckland.  Max Taylor, Jemma McGregor, Hyebeen Park, Albin Paulson, Hannah Ernstzen and Charbel Albotrous attended this in St. Patrick and St. Joseph’s Cathedral in the city.

Pompallier Shield was held in Rosmini College this yearThe students were all joyful and excited to share their talents and skillsThis year, Zoe Martis brought home the trophy for Junior Scripture Reading and Interpretation.  Congratulations, Zoe!

Training of New Lectors and Ministers of the Eucharist
We have sent out an invitation to senior students to become a lector or a Minister of the Eucharist.  Fr. Larry is training them on the following dates:

  • Training of New Lectors – 7 May (period 2) and 14 May (period 3) 
  • Training of New Eucharistic Ministers – 9 May (period 2) and 16 May (period 3) 

These students will be commissioned during the school’s Feast Day Mass at the end of the month in the Cathedral.

Praise and Pizza 
Mr. Piggin and the Leader of Special Character Mission and Liturgy brought our CSYMI students to St. Peter’s College where students from 14 Catholic Schools across Auckland have gathered for a mass and faith sharing.  Pizza was also part of the gathering!  This was a good opportunity for our students to witness the presence of the Lord and to encourage them to keep living out their faith.

The completion of the Year 11 Retreat on 10 May 2024 means we have now finished all the senior retreats for the yearThe students were immersed in different activities that highlighted their importance – that they are beautifully and wonderfully made by God. Knowing this, they are encouraged to share this love to everyoneFr. Larry ended the retreat with an inspirational story of how he felt loved by GodThis feeling of love moved him to devoting his life to loving and serving the people.  Thank you to everyone who made the day special for our students. 

Blessing of Junior Leaders 
Our junior leaders were commissioned and blessed on 10 May 2024.  Fr. Larry has encouraged these leaders to follow the footsteps of leading by example and ensuring that they lead with much love for the students and the school.  Click this link for a student’s reflection.

We encourage you to stay connected to your parishes.  Services and opportunities are available for all of you.  Please see the links to your parishes: 

Thank you as always for your support.  Let us continue to work together to grow the faith of the entire community.  I cannot do it alone, I need all of you to inspire our students, our staff, and your fellow parents.  God bless you.

In Christ through Sancta Maria,
Mr. Omar Leo Tamayo
Leader of Special Character Mission and Liturgy (DRS)