Special Character Message

This month is a great month for Special Character.  One of the reasons for this is it is the birth month of Mary – whose name we carry (Sancta Maria).  The students have been encouraged to pray the rosary or at least one Hail Mary and at the same time remember the importance of their mothers.  Mary has always led the people to her son, Jesus and the school was reminded to emulate her values as we try to get closer to Jesus.

On the 1st of September, the school had an opportunity to wear their mufti, but instead of giving gold coin donations, the students were encouraged to bring cans to be given to the needy members of our community.  The school was able to collect over a thousand cans.  To add to the collection, this was followed up by the Cans for Christmas drive.  Congratulations to Ms Kirchman’s 7BRN class who won the 2022 Cans for Christmas Can Trail Competition! They were awarded a pizza lunch.  Second place was 9BRN, and a close third was 2021 Championship winning coach Mr Aviet and 7GNS.

This month, we have also released the video instruction for lunch time masses to help the classes that are in-charge of the weekly lunch time masses.  This allows students and staff to know specific details and the importance of the different parts of the mass.  The video instruction was made by the Year 12 students – Thank you students.

We also got busy with the Social Justice week that ran from 5 – 9 September.

The focus of this year’s Social Justice week was the fight against racism.  Kenny Padathiparambil and the other student leaders addressed the stereotypes people have of a few ethnicities.  A short movie was screened to explain the Onam festival and the students learned about the meaning of the symbols used in Henna drawings.

To follow on from plastic-free Wednesday we also ran plastic-free Term 3. We had competitions running and we had Emily Locke winning the art competition.  Some of the school students also got busy with examinations but they were reminded to hang on, keep calm and continue praying!

God Bless and have a lovely school holidays.