Sports Round Up and Awards

We would like to extend a big Congratulations to all our sporting teams this year on your commitment, dedication and hard work within your given pursuits.  Our top sporting teams were celebrated in this year’s Sports Awards which was held at the end of October.  During the ceremony, we were fortunate to enjoy our guest speaker for the evening, New Zealand hammer thrower Julia Ratcliffe: Tokyo Olympian, three-time Commonwealth Games medalist, and NCAA champion.  Julia’s top tips for success all come down to ‘PDF’:  People, Daily habits, and Fun.

Surround yourself with a good team of people, set up your daily habits to do the basics right, and make sure you have fun along the way.

And when things aren’t so fun, list the things you’re grateful for in your life to regain perspective and turn your attitude around.

In particular, we would like to thank and congratulate the following students and volunteers:

Athletics Cup for Most Outstanding Track & Field Athlete: Marielle Venida
Badminton Cup for Most Valuable Player: Rory Quiding
Basketball Cup for Boys Most Valuable Player: Noah King
Basketball Cup for Girls Most Valuable Player: Leilani Davies
Football Cup for Boys Most Valuable Player: Antonie Smal
Football Cup for Girls Most Valuable Player: Mikaela Bangalan
Hockey Cup for Boys Most Valuable Player: Dylan Sandall
Hockey Cup for Girls Most Valuable Player: Alexandra Dela Cruz
Netball Cup for Most Valuable Player: Yalaina Tubu
Rugby Cup for Most Valuable Player: Liam Clifford

Sancta Maria College Blues Awards (New Zealand Representatives):
Olivia Selemaia – New Zealand Olympic Weightlifting
Marielle Venida – New Zealand Athletics

Year 7 & 8 Endeavour Awards for outstanding effort and involvement:

  • Amelia Kirilo
  • Anaya Morris
  • Fiona Sheng
  • Nico Taurima
  • Max Tay-Morrison

Junior Team of the Year: 10A Netball
Junior Sportsman of the Year: John Whittaker
Junior Sportswoman of the Year: Mya Tubu
Volunteer of the Year: Ryan Bautista
Coach of the Year: Makayla Samaeli
Team of the Year: U17 Girls Basketball







Sportsman of the Year: Quintin Wong                                                                     Sportswoman of the Year: Marielle Venida