Teaching and Learning

A school’s curriculum is what it teaches and how it teaches.  In terms of knowledge content, this is prescribed by the national New Zealand Curriculum, which as you may know is currently being refreshed.

However, the what of a school’s curriculum can also relate to the skills, values and dispositions that a school prioritises as being important to its particular community.

At Sancta Maria College we have localised our curriculum to create the Sancta Maria College Purpose Curriculum.  We want our students to be agile in their skill application, critical in their approach to thinking, and curious in their disposition towards understanding – and enabled to successfully navigate the future landscape of work.

A key part of our Learning Framework is the learning value of Agency.

Agency relates to the ability of students to take a greater stake in their own learning, from choosing their own learning pathways, through nurturing a personal desire to know more, to being invited to give feedback to their teachers about the learning process.

Agentic students are aware of learning as a process, and take ownership and responsibility for this learning.

Because this learning value involves both the initiative and self-regulation of the learner, it fosters a passion for learning, gives a sense of purpose, and increases engagement.

As agentic learners, our young people are ready for a life-time of learning.  Remember, we learn our whole lives, but only have a teacher for a fraction of it…!

If our young people are to have a “drive to know more” and a “desire to make a difference”, their ability to utilise Agency is vital.

Ray Green

Deputy Principal, Teaching and Learning